2010-11 Choices Results Mailed Out

Did you get the acceptance letter for your child that you hoped for?  Are you unclear on the points on your rejection letter?  We’ll do what we can to help.  Ask away in the comments section!

5 thoughts on “2010-11 Choices Results Mailed Out

  1. Not a single one of my triplets were accepted. They have 0 points. One of my triplets is highly gifted. Another is being tested because her scores are so high. The third will probably be tested next year. The school they go to is listed as 55% – 67% hispanic, with 67% economically disadvantaged. Yet the school is not classified as PHBAO. How is that possible? How is it possible that gifted children cannot go to schools for the gifted and that they would get 0 points? Also, they are on separate wait list pages in the 30’s or 40’s with no possible chance of getting in. I would love for my children to have a good education. Please help!

    • Hi Brenda,

      Please remember the magnet program is a desegregation program–it’s to achieve racial integration. Gifted magnets are only one type of magnet, yet there will be many kids who can’t get into a gifted magnet. They get zero points based on a formula that encourages racial integration. Next year, they’ll each have 4 points. The year after 8, if they still don’t get in.

      Make sure you also check out the SAS progams at nearby schools in order to maximize your chances to get into a program for your kids.

      In addition, make sure you’re talking to your gifted coordinator at your current school and looking for differentiated instruction and other options including having your children in a higher grade level for part of the day.

      There are plenty of really great options that do not include gifted magnets. My daughter got in a few years back and we turned our spot down, because I felt that her needs were being met in our current school.

      Good luck.

  2. We got our Acceptance letter for Verdugo Hills High Multimedia Magnet, yaaay! Thanks to Angel from this site who made me take a second look at the school and realize it really was the best choice for us. My son had never applied to a magnet before (he has been in private school all his life) and he got in with just 8 point (4 for PHBAO and 4 because our home school is Overcrowded).

    • Hi Kristina! I truly hope you and your son enjoy your stay there. Ms. Swanson the magnet coordinator is phenomenal, and Ms. Carbone the magnet counselor is truly the reason that my son got into as many colleges as he did.

      Take advantage of that 4th period for cool electives and when he gets older, think seriously of taking courses at Mission or Glendale CC.

      Glad to be of help. 🙂

  3. My son did not get selected for Balboa Magnet, he got a zero point. I am thinking to move him back to Faith Baptist school, and keep applying for magnet school. The only concern I have is that it is hard to get the recommendation letter from Faith Baptist School when applying to Magnet School? My son was not the best student when he was there for preschool. He was diagnosed by some LAUSD psychologists to be better suited for less stricted school.

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