1. PS: Fearless special guests include special non-mom John C. Reilly, beloved gay anti-mom Margo Gomez, and brand new Poet Laureate Carol Muske Dukes (for a special mystical Ode to California Mothers) and more!
    Plus unveiling of a new Burning Moms poster by legendary guerrilla artist Robbie Conal!
    Plus free groovy stuff from Fresh and Easy and delivering of first ever Dalai Mama Awards!

    Are you a public school PTA or booster club who wants to participate in our joint benefit program? e-mail us at MagnetYentas@cs.com

  2. Hey, moms. Love your work. Love the idea of your event…and I want to get other moms to come too! My son just started kinder this year at Valley View Elem. (Our quick history: applied to magnet and got rejected; tried 2 charter schools and got rejected; tried open enrollment at sherman oaks elem and got rejected; tried open enrollment at Valley View, got in, LOVE IT!)

    Anyway, can I convince one of you to create a flyer and post it here on your site? I’ll download it, take it to kinkos, and then spread the news at my school. How about it? I gotta get the Latinas, the Armenians, the Russians, the people of color, and yes, the white mamas at my school to come! So help me help you, ‘k? Maybe other moms will download it and pass it around at their schools, too.

  3. Dear Julie,

    I’m so in love with you and with Valley View. And “love” the challenge of trying to post a new kind of document (jpeg flier) to this website. Love it. In the meantime, I’ve emailed the flier to you. . . Feel free to e-mail SuperBoy Joe Witt at Largo (e-mail above) to get it e-mailed directly, until we figure out how to attach it as a jpeg-y. . . thing. . . here.

    See ya there!

  4. What an amazing night!

    Thanks to the other Yentas–Tanya Anton, Christie Mellor, and Rebekka Hosken. I know we could have had three hours and not answered all the questions, so hopefully folks will read the FAQ and if they need more info, they’ll post to the Parents Seeking Schools part of the site.

    And to the wonderful woman who said she’d have voted for me, thanks. I didn’t get your name, but it’s nice to know I would have had at least one vote! 🙂

  5. Heh, that was me, and yes I would totally vote for an actual informed LAUSD parent, any day.

    It was a lovely an important event; thanks to all of you yentas for putting in the time!

  6. Sandra – I was previously a KPCC fan of yours but an even larger fan after I started reading this blog and your book. I REALLY REALLY want to attend an event of yours and was wondering about your schedule for 2009. I am NOT in LAUSD but my husband is a LAUSD teacher and I have an almost 3 year old (so yes, starting to go through school district maze). KEEP IT UP! You and your YENTA’s are AWESOME! Pat

  7. Dear Pat,

    Thanks for your lovely note. An ever-growing web of Burning Moms is trying to get more organized. . . We have a yahoo group and are on facebook now, and via those avenues we are starting to post info on events. For more info, e-mail the wonderfully-more-organized-than-me Spike Dolomite Ward at spike@aieac.org.


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